Mar 13, 2021
My primary motivation revolves around identifying outdated, obsolete, and unnecessary elements in the real world and actively working to eliminate them in the Metaverse. I talk things about AI and Spatial Computing
Serious: Indie Hacker, Founder, Machine Learning Engineer, Web3 trader. Side: Snowboard free-rider, PADI certified diver, Canadian Private Pilot


  • 2023 - Present: Solo bootstrapping AgentFocus, an innovative AI agent that aids indie hackers, founders, and content creators in amplifying their media presence. This project represents a culmination of my skills and passions, aiming to bridge the gap between AI technology and media outreach.
  • 2023: Leading the development of an Open Source crypto MEV algorithm, Arb88, focusing on trading strategies that exploit cross Dex and multi-step swap arbitrage opportunities. This project has been a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, allowing me to delve deep into the intricate world of crypto trading.
  • 2022: Co-founded Cybever, an AI asset generation company tailored for Game Studios. Our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology led to a rapid growth, achieving a 30M valuation and successfully passing the Pre-seed stage.
  • 2020: Joined Apple as a Speech Machine Learning Engineer. My role involved working on Voice Assistant invocation, designing, and implementing the full data cycle for the team. I also contributed to pushing the envelope in bringing research innovation models to ran fully on-device.
  • 2019: Was part of GM Cruise as a Prediction Engineer. Here, I developed the very first bike trajectory prediction model for autonomous vehicles. Starting from a heuristic baseline model, I advanced to MLP solutions, significantly improving the technology.
  • 2018: Joined Huawei in Toronto, where I worked on prototyping the Smart Photo Categorization. My contributions included deploying the model on-device and enhancing the photo album functionality.
  • 2017: Carried my first-place winning hackathon project, "QuickChat", forward. This project served small business owners by automating customer order flow with a cross-platform chatbot service. I successfully grew this project to acquire initial users, marking a significant milestone in my startup journey.
  • 2015: I attended the University of Waterloo, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with Academic Admission Scholarships and graduated on the Dean's Honor's list.

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