A Dynamic List of My OpenAI GPTs

Nov 12, 2023
I've integrated GPTs into my daily routine to handle mundane tasks, transforming the way I manage my day. This shift to using advanced AI tools has significantly improved efficiency and injected creativity into routine activities. By automating tasks like email responses and content generation, I've saved considerable time and effort. This not only benefits me by freeing up time for more complex tasks but also enhances the experience for readers by providing quicker and more accurate information. It's a testament to how AI can be a game-changer in managing everyday life.

Draft Your Tweet

I created this GPT to assist in quickly composing tweets, enhancing vocabulary and sentence structure. It should also work in multiple languages. The poe version of “DraftYourTweet” do not require ChatGPT plus subscription and it is has less restriction on browsing web content.

G Resume Reviewer

I receive a lot of requests from senior students and new graduates to help with their resumes. In the past, I primarily followed Google's guidelines, and with GPT, this process has become much easier. Just upload your resume in PDF format, and GPT will provide constructive feedback based on those guidelines.

Polite Mailer

If you, like me, find the process of crafting polite emails to be a challenge, I've developed this GPT tool to address that problem. It helps by generating the email subject and transforming your intended message into a well-structured, formal email.

FB Marketplace Maven

As a digital nomad who relocates every six months, a significant part of my moving routine involves quickly getting rid of my belongings. To avoid the hassle of sorting through each item and struggling to create individual Facebook posts for them, I've created this GPT tool to assist in reselling my used items on Facebook Marketplace efficiently.

Twitter Insight

I created this GPT to help me understand the Twitter/X’s recommendation algorithm. In the knowledge base I uploaded their open sourced code. I found it 100x efficient than me digging into the code. You can ask it to show the detailed relevant logic

Coding Quizmaster

This GPT has the knowledge from the book “Cracking the coding interview” by Gayle Laakmann McDowell, it populates quiz on demand. So try this out if you want to put your coding skill to a test.

Ontario G1 Tester

This is my initial experiment with GPT, which possesses information from "The Official Ministry of Transportation (MTP) Driver's Handbook" and familiarity with the G1 driver's license test format. Feel free to utilize it for testing your G1 knowledge.

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